Remedial massage

Nothing brings peace to our body and mind, over a relaxing massage at the end of a long tiring day. However, there are so many different kinds of massages in the market like reflexology, deep tissue massage and many more, so it can be quiet intimidating to choose one. Remedial Massage, of all the other massages, is one of the most useful ones. It targets all the weary parts of the body and brings some peace.


What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage, as the name suggests, is a form of therapeutic massage technique that involves bringing relief to the muscles and bones. The Massage is based on the feeling of a sense of relief caused while treating the immobile and knotted tendons.

It is sometimes called a sports massage or medical Massage because it also treats ailments in the body. They’re also useful in treating chronic pain and any other underlying conditions in the body. Hence, they fall under the category of therapeutic massages. They’re used to prevent injuries and also heal the old wounds and muscular tears, including soft tissues, ligaments and many others. Trained professionals perform them as a part of the patient’s treatment regimen.

Benefits of remedial massages

Whenever we talk of remedial massages, people often think about nurses rubbing the legs of sportsperson across a field. Yes, it is beneficial to sports injuries as well but is not solely dedicated to it. Some of the other benefits of remedial massages are:

  • Gets rid of knots and other chronic pain ailments in the body
  • Helps in prevention and cure of injury due to sports on tissues and ligaments.
  • Releases tension and stress from the muscles, so that you can move freely and comfortably
  • The elimination of knots increases blood flow to all the organs in the body.
  • Gets rid of chemicals and toxic substances in the body, which reflects on the skin and brings a glow to the surface.
  • Reduces swelling of the muscles and other areas in the body for people undergoing cancer and other treatments.
  • Is a boon to decrease migraines neck and shoulder pain
  • Aids in treating arthritis, muscle cramps and many more ailments.



  • A professional massage therapist usually conducts the operation of a remedial massage. Before the process begins, you have to discuss your pain points and ailments with your therapist, who will then figure out the cause of the pain.
  • You’re then made to lie on a couch or a massage table, and you’re covered with sheets and prevent from feeling cold.
  • There are a lot of creams and oils involved in the procedure that also aids in eliminating the pain.
  • Before the Massage begins, the therapist will enquire about the painful areas and start rubbing the area slowly with oils and creams.
  • The products used by them have the capability of soaking into your muscles and tissues to relieve you from the pain.

Who is it useful for?

Remedial massages can be used on literally anybody, but sports person or people suffering from underlying ailments benefit from thus. It is also recommended by their surgeons or doctors, as a part of their medical treatment.


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