A chiropractor is a doctor who provides treatments to patients in adjusting their spines, and to treat their neuromuscular disorders. They believe that many health problems are related to the muscles and bones in the body and can be treated with effective manipulation of spines. Some of the day to day work of a chiropractor include,

  • Using hands to treat disorders of bones, joints, and muscles.
  • Manipulating spine, neck, and shoulder of a patient.
  • Treating sciatica and leg problems.
  • Treating sports injuries, bad posture, and joint issues.
  • Making sure that the patient’s health is suitable for the treatment.
  • Discussing the health problems with the patients.
  • Designing programmes for treatment based on an individual’s body.
  • Prescribe medicines and healthy eating and lifestyle habits to the patients.

A chiropractor can get into different fields, from providing private treatments to joining a business or teach others as professors. Chiropractors can order X-rays and other tests, but they are not medical doctors. They cannot prescribe any prescription drugs alongside their physical treatment.


The time needed to become a chiropractor

The usual process of becoming a chiropractor involves five important steps. It can take up to eight years to become a known and well qualified professional chiropractor.

Get a college degree

You can join a chiropractic school and earn a bachelor’s degree in biology, exercise science, or any other similar subject. It will show the admission officers that you have enough knowledge about the human body and can memorize large amounts of information. A chiropractor also must have detailed knowledge about anatomy. Chiropractors must also have detailed knowledge about anatomy and other practices. Check the admission requirements and complete all the necessary courses to become a worthy candidate for being a chiropractor.

Attend the chiropractic school

The usual duration of a Doctor of Chiropractic degree can take three and a half to four years. During this period, you will attend over 4,500 hours of intensive classes and practical training to increase your knowledge of the human body. Majority of the course in the first two years will be lab and classroom-based and the next two years in clinics.

Chiropractic School

Getting a license

The next step is getting the licence to become a practising chiropractor. You will need to pass a series of exams from the board of chiropractic examiners. Some of the exams will be conducted in the second year of your college, next in the third year. The next two final exams will be conducted six to nine months after you graduate.

Considering a speciality

To become a specialist in chiropractic treatment, you can choose from different certification courses. It can be occupational health, acupuncture, radiology, clinical nutrition, developmental disorders, forensics, paediatrics, sports medicine, or neurology. Getting the certificate will require an additional 300 to 400 hours of training.

Finding a starting job

Once you are licensed and certified, you can start looking for a job or run your own business. You can start working with the existing companies to learn the business first and then open your own clinic. You will also need to consider financial management while planning how you want to take your chiropractic career ahead.

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