Alexander Technique

Alexander technique is a self practising method which can help you get rid of the harmful tension in your body. It is a way to transform stress into joy, according to actress Juliette Binoche.

One of the definitions of the Alexander technique is that it is a way of learning to move mindfully through life. The process helps in focusing on inefficient movement habits and patterns of accumulated tension that can damage the body’s natural movement. It is a simple yet powerful approach that can help individuals to take charge of their own body’s healing process. It is not a series of passive treatments, but an active self-care method which explores the changes in the body and responds to it with several guided activities. It can help one feel lighter, freer and more humble.

Benefits of the alexander technique

There are several benefits of the alexander technique that can bring the right change and positivity in that you need in your life. Some of its most effective benefits include:

Improved posture

The body posture is important in how you feel and how you perceive other people or vice versa. The major points that help in maintaining your body posture are your neck, shoulders, and back. There are different types of postures that we adapt to over time, such as phoney posture, forced posture, and correct posture. A good posture generally means that you have a flat stomach, chest out, shoulders pulled back and tucking in the chin. Sometimes maintaining this posture can become stressing and unbearable for your body. The alexander technique posture feels more natural and comfortable. It also looks great, and even though it is not uptight, it looks good.

Body pain

Body pain

Any back pain, body pain, and should strains can be healed with the alexander technique. In most of the cases, the reason for back pain or neck pain is our own mistakes. With the alexander technique, you can also learn how you can stop the discomfort and pain in your body and also prevent it from reoccurring.

Stress and tension

The alexander technique helps you stretch out your body muscles and joints, which gives your body a more relaxed state of rest. This method can teach you to release the tension from your neck, which causes the rest of the back pain. It focuses on the tension spots and targets the areas where the tension started.

Increased breathing and a stronger voice

It does not only have effects on the body but also on our vocals. This is why many artists who need to speak or sing use alexander technique for improving their voice. Applying the techniques to our breathing can help us in better breathing. We can take deeper, longer, and much fuller breaths. The voice also becomes stronger and which in turn makes us more confident.

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