Health benefits of Alexander Technique

Before we begin to discuss the Alexander technique, it is essential to know that it is and how to use the method to achieve maximum health benefits. It is a technique or a technique that is useful for individuals to feel better by relieving mental and physical stress. This method concentrates on releasing the stress that we’ve been developing over the years. It can include, tensing about piking a phone call, mentally stressing about deadlines and due dates and many more.

What is the Alexander Technique?

It is a method by which tension in the body, accumulated over the years is released to figure a new way o body movement and relaxation. It is about re-educating the body of its pressure points and muscular knots, to help the body move freely and efficiently. The method lays focus on aligning the head, in line with the spine, which will do half the work. Some of the fundamental principles of this technique include:

  • The way you move, sit or walk around affects the overall wellness of your body.
  • The flexibility of the back, neck and spine are vital to the body’s posture
  • The only way to gain benefit is to make changes in the way you walk, sit or sleep
  • Keeping both and body healthy as they work together.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique

  • Re-education of everyday habits

Like we already mentioned, the Alexander Technique can be observed and applied to daily activities. Just like how you learn a bicycle in your childhood stays with you, so does this technique. It is going to educate you about the right way to sit, stand, walk, sleep and eat that can strongly impact your day to day activities.

  • Self-awareness

Once you’re familiar with the do’s and don ts of the daily activities, it is easier to practice in its real life. Diet, exercise and the changes that need to be implemented are well understood, creating a wave of self-awareness. The effects can be life-changing and benefit with your social anxiety as well.

Balanced body and mind

  • Balanced body and mind

Like we already mentioned, the primary focus of this technique is to align the neck, head and spine. It is going to solve a lot of the back and spine problems, muscular cramps and also increase your posture, making you look tall and confident.

  • Tension release

Most times, the pain in your back, neck shoulders and spine are caused due to the accumulation of stress. A good relief session will pull out all the weight exhibited on your nerves and muscles, clearing the path for blood flow. Many professional singers, painters, dancers undergo Alexander technique regularly to increase their performance ability.

Potential risks and concerns

The Alexander technique is a very safe and sound technique that relaxes tour muscles and spine and at the same time. The method is suited almost for everyone has absolutely no side effects. However, people having underlying spine problems and slipped discs are not recommended to undergo this procedure as it can increase the complications.

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