Back Pain

Back Pain has become as common as any other mild headaches these days. People from age 18 to 100 years, everyone suffers from back pain often. Massage therapy, oil massage and over the counter medicines can provide temporary relief to the pain. But, a permanent solution to the ailment can only be found by visiting a doctor. Among most who seek treatment for back pain, chiropractic treatment is also a popular one. According to a study, almost 22 million people visit a chiropractor every year, of which 7.7 million or 35% of them seek help for back pain.

What is chiropractic treatment?

It is a kind of treatment that works with spinal manipulation and using the hands to work your magic. The main principle of this kind of therapy lies in proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. It is based on aligning the spin in place, which will heal the entire body’s pain parts without external surgery or medication. How the chiropractor manipulates your bones, releases stress, increases joints mobility which is a result of traumatic events like falling etc. Sitting without proper back support also leads to back pain. Chiropractic treatment is sometimes also a part of the medicinal treatment received by patients.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain


Back pain is a trendy field that chiropractic treatment covers. A chiropractor conducts a medical exam of the patient, which includes lab tests or imaging to determine the reason for the back pain. Once the pain point is detected, the chiropractor gets to manual work by applying pressure around the pain points, muscles, joints and tissues involved, to increase mobility comfortable. Many even include diets and healthy eating to enhance the effects.  The primary purpose of the treatment is to relieve the body of the back pain by targeting the underlying cause of the pain and treating it.

Benefits of chiropractic treatment

Manipulation of the spine and other ailment causing features are usually considered a safer practice. It also involves treating actual lower back pain, tackled nerves or muscles from sudden movement or lifting heavy objects. Acute pain finds more benefits than chronic pain, as hey lasts for more than six weeks and can be immensely healed by chiropractic care. It also clears pain in the upper neck, back and other muscles in the body that are associated with back pain.

Warnings to consider

Many other techniques are also available to get rid of back pain like massages, painkillers like Advil and even a hot shower can cure mild illnesses in the body. However, spinal manipulation and alignment hits the root of the ailment and clears them to prevent further damage in future. However, according to a study of 2011, there are no shreds of evidence that prove manual alignment proved to be better than other forms of pain treatments. Research indicates that chiropractic treatments have never been useful in treating chronic or radiating back pains. Many studies have also shown that it is no better than a placebo. Despite all the struggles and studies, chiropractic treatment industry is growing, but not at the expected rate.

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